Access self-hosted services securely from anywhere

Access self-hosted services securely from anywhere

Opening ports in your firewall to access services running in your LAN is an insecure and outdated way to operate. Find out how to share any self-hosted service, running anywhere in the world, behind almost any kind of NAT, with friends and family without exposing your homelab to the internet.

I’ll demonstrate how to self-host a few services like Jellyfin (Media Server), Immich (photo backup) and Nextcloud and share them from a VM running in my homelab basement behind a residential firewall with NAT using Tailscale node sharing. I put a DNS entry in public Cloudflare with the Tailscale private IP and show folks how they don’t need to expose their homelabs to the internet any longer and provide access via a secure and encrypted VPN tunnel. The homelab runs Proxmox, NixOS and the services run mostly using docker.




Saturday, April 13, 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM


Room 4