Pen-testing opensource databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL)

Pen-testing opensource databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL)

Are your database(s) secure? No, not the application, the database! Usually, everyone is focused on the application security and consider the database server to be “protected” by the network firewalls. But what if the first layer of defense fails and your database is exposed from the internet or via SQL injection? Will a bad actor be able to escape from the database and get root shell or exfiltrate other database tenants data? Penetration tester’s goal is to pretend to be a “bad actor” and try to find all the week spots in a simulated scenarios. I will show a number of “week spots” when dealing with opensource relational databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL) and how to protect from them.

I will follow the typical attack vector, starting with sql injection example and demonstrate a number of methods how an attacker can “escape” the database, get shell, etc.




Saturday, April 13, 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM


Room 4