Smart Contract Driven Development

Smart Contract Driven Development

This workshop is an amazing chance for tech pros looking to boost their skills and make some cash through gig work. It’s especially great for startups that have big ideas but need a solid team to bring their product features to life. Gig work is a budget-friendly and swift solution for building product features - tailor-made for budding startups.

The workshop offers a unique setup where gig workers and startups can interact and learn through role-play scenarios, mirroring real-life challenges.

Engaging and practical, the workshop equips participants with an actionable plan for product development, ready to be applied instantly. Coding skills are not a prerequisite here, but having some familiarity with Python or JavaScript can be a plus.

Participants will dive into using generative AI to break down big projects into manageable user stories that we can test and estimate. Plus, you’ll learn how to craft smart contracts for keeping things fair and above board especially while working with new people.




Friday, April 12, 1:30 PM - 4:15 PM


Room 3